Thank you
-"Anyone thinking about ordering Edible arrangements should stop immediately and look at Gourmet Berries. There’s no comparing the two because Gourmet Berries is infinitely better." Ryan B.
-"I absolutely love #gourmetberries!" Miranda M.
-"The berries for our reunion were amazing...I had family from all over the USA and they all said they were the BEST ever!!!!  Thank You for making special memories for us... CHOATE Family"  Sara Subry
-"Hello! I just wanted to share a review!  So far I've tried: - Sea Salt & Caramel - Original - Original Pretzel - Blueberry Hazelnut - Cheesecake Filled ...I didn't realize I've tried that many... BUT for all of them I can equally say WOW!! Somehow the berries are always perfectly ripe and on top of that, delicious! The presentation is also nice so I almost feel bad eating them...but not bad enough ; ) Thank you!!"  Jameeka M.
-"Simply fabulous! The BEST and FRESHEST berries ever….and covered in so many delicious, and different ways! Just had to share them. So much better than the larger companies…those just cannot compare! Thank you for the delivery too." Robin V.
-"We love Gourmet Berries! They are always tasty and a conversation piece for our family! Thank you for helping make a birthday so special!" Jessie U.
-"Absolutely beautiful! You are so talented! I’ll definitely be ordering again. And they taste amazing!!!!" Emily C.
-"Amazing quality strawberries for such a good price. Usually the shipping price is what makes the berries so expensive, but it was much cheaper here. The strawberries were also hand delivered and even though my wife was an hour late getting home to receive the strawberries, the delivery person went out of their way to deliver it by knocking on neighbors doors and even waiting an hour. Would definitely buy here from now on. Also lots of freebies included like free card and chocolate lettering makes this such a good deal." Wesley S.
-"These beautiful little creations looked so lovely on the table at my sons engagement party. They were very yummy! Outstanding!" Kelle M.
-"They were delicious and beautiful." Kim W.
-"I have purchased berries from Gourmet Berries before and they are amazing! Purchased 3 dozen assorted berries as a Christmas present for co-workers at work. I received rave reviews from my co-workers. Very impressed with the array of choices – the berries not only look beautiful, they taste great! These berries are great as a gift or for a party. Planning to order more for Easter." Paul L.
-"You have the best strawberries!!! Very courteous, prompt and I just wouldn’t buy from anyone else!!! Thanks again for all the delicious treats you have made!!!" Becky L.
- "Thank you so much for your delicious strawberries. We all thought they were the best chocolate covered strawberries that we had ever eaten!! I can’t thank you enough for adding in so many extra berries. I hadn’t noticed when I took the two boxes out of the bag but when were were "ohhhhing and awwwwwing" over the berries before eating them, [...] discovered we had so many, many extra strawberries. Thank you so much for that!! Laurie M.
-"These berries are absolutely delightful. They are the biggest chocolate covered strawberries I have ever seen, and make mass-produced ones at your local grocery store seemed subpar. We cannot wait to try another selection" Annabelle S.
-"The first time I bought Gourmet Berries was when the ER my wife works at opened. I wanted to let my wife know I was thinking of her on this important day. I also decided to send her the biggest bouquet of flowers I could buy(from another company.) I couldn't wait til my wife got home, so I could see if these things brightened her day. When she got home, I was shocked! The bouquet of flowers I purchased were far from big. There were maybe 4 or 5 flowers in the bouquet.( I did get my money back from that flower company. I will never order flowers again.) The Gourmet Berries more than made up for the disappointment in the flowers. My wife informed me, just how delicious they were. She did not share a single Gourmet Berry with me or anyone else.
I purchased Gourmet Berries for my wife's birthday next. Her Gourmet Berries were made to order. They were big, juicy and delicious.( so my wife says😉)
Gourmet Berries is reliable and dependable. When I asked for a specific delivery window- They were delivered exactly within that time frame. I had personalized notes included with both deliveries, they were sealed and stamped with wax. Small details like that, impress me.
Gourmet Berries is passionate about their berries. When I couldn't decide on what berries to order, I reached out for assistance. The Owner took time out of her day to help me hand pick what covered Gourmet Berries to include with my order.
My wife has been very satisfied each time the Gourmet Berries were delivered. I will continue to purchase Gourmet Berries for my wife because they are Fresh, big, juicy, and delicious!
The next time I order from Gourmet Berries, I am going to order a dozen for my wife, a half dozen for her coworkers and a half dozen for just for me!
⭐" Billie Jo S.
-"Thanks for the lovely berry assortments yesterday, got calls from my mom and mother-in-law both about how much they love them and how good they were.  I'm sure they will be new customers now! Thanks again!" Brittany H.
-"I ordered the S'mores milk chocolate covered strawberries last Saturday and they were delivered the next day 🤩 They were delicious and staff were so nice! I'll definitely be ordering from them again 🍓" Heather W.
-"Delicious!!" Elaine
-"My wife absolutely loved them!!!" Forest B.
-"Delicious and beautiful. The best flavor too! I will definitely be ordering again when I need a special gift" Marilyn
-“OMG! Talk about delicious strawberries!. They were super juicy and fresh!. I've only had 2 flavors but if the others are anything like the hazelnut or regular chocolate covered then I'm gonna have a problem !!. If you like chocolate covered strawberries this is the place to order them! Again So AMAZING! Will definitely be ordering more! 5 stars!!!!”. Steven H.
-"We enjoyed the strawberries!" Rachel E.
-"Absolutely delish! I tried the chocolate pretzel! Yum!" Tracy M.
- "Jen...I wanted to tell you your strawberries were wonderful and so professional! Dan loved the sea salted caramel!! I will order again for sure and spread good words about your work!!  Beautifully decorated and yummy chocolate covered strawberries!" Maureen F.
-  "They are the greatest!" Joan S.
- "We LOVED the footballs Jennifer!!!! They were a huge hit! Thank you!" Kathy H.
- "The two I had were fantastic, I'd easily spend money on those little bites of goodness!!!" Don R.
-"They were yummy as always too!!!! Best chocolate strawberries I've ever had!!!" Michele B.
-"What an amazing decorator, beautiful!" Kristine H.
-"The chocolate completely enrobed the strawberries with a thick and even coat. The chocolate was excellent quality and the berries were very sweet and would have been delicious on their own. Gourmet Berries uses normal sized berries with intense flavor. Not giant berries that look impressive but have a bland watery taste. Don’t worry about being shortchanged, our “dozen” was actually 20 berries. These are much better than the large national chains like Sherry’s Berries. Also because they are made right here in Dayton they are fresher!" Laurie M.