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Gourmet Berries prides itself on providing quality products for our customers.  We take the time to personalize and customize your order to exceed your expectations.  All of our chocolate covered strawberries are hand dipped the day of delivery to ensure the freshest product possible.  We do not ship our products but instead hand deliver your order!  Whether you want your gift delivered to a residence or a place of business, we've got you covered!


Hello my fellow chocolate lovers!  My name is Jennifer and I am the founder, owner, strawberry decorator, delivery person, you name it and that’s me!  I am currently a one woman show and am loving it!  I have been making chocolate covered strawberries for over a decade for friends and family while working in healthcare.  Last year, I decided it was time to take a chance and make my dream business a reality!  So, I did some research, found an amazing commercial kitchen, and have opened up to the general public.  I cannot wait for you to try the chocolate covered strawberries that I have been perfecting for over 10 years!

Thank you for supporting my small business!




In need of a large order for a party? No problem! Want to make your wedding even more memorable by adding gourmet chocolate covered strawberries? We can help!

Whether you are wanting to impress the guests at your party, or wow the guests at your wedding, our delicious gourmet berries will add a unique flare to any occasion.

Taste testing is available for large orders and discounts may apply.


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