It is with heavy hearts that we make this announcement. 

Gourmet Berries is closing temporarily.  Any orders already placed will be completed.  However, as of today, we are not accepting anymore orders.  As some of you may already know, we were hit by the Memorial Day tornados last year.  We have not lived in our home since that awful night.  We never thought in a million years we would still be fighting our insurance company to pay for the damages that have left our home uninhabitable.  But here we are, 16 months later.  Due to all this, we are stepping back from the business to focus on fighting to get back our home.  

That being said, we will reopen as soon as we are moved back into our home and the fight is over.  We hope that we can come to a resolution within the next few months and will keep you updated.  We appreciate your business over the last two years and cannot wait to be back doing what we love.  

Jennifer Owner

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New Hours & Contact Free Delivery

Gourmet Berries  is now open Tuesday - Friday 10am-5pm, and closed Saturday-Monday.  We will still accept weekend orders for large events and/or weddings.  If you need a weekend delivery for a large event, please call us.

We are still, and will continue to do, contact free deliveries.  If you have received an order during this time, you already know what to expect.  All orders are delivered in a tied plastic bag.  If you have a free personalized card, it will be in the bag as well.  The bag will have the recipient's name on the outside of the bag.  When the delivery driver arrives, they will place the packaged order near your door (or wherever you have requested).  They will knock/ring the doorbell and then step back at least 6 feet and wait for you to answer the door.  If you do not answer, they will take a photo of where the order was left, and we will forward it to the number on file.

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New Cities/Zip Codes and Delivery Fees

As we expand our delivery area, we are also changing the cost of deliveries.  Any delivery within a 5 mile radius of the store is FREE!  Anything 10 mile radius is $5, and 15 mile radius $10, 16-30 mile radius $15.  We now serve 61 zip codes.  To see what cities are included in the expanded area, click on the link to the right!

Click here to find out more!


Want to be an Offical Taste Tester?

Click here to go to our Taste Testing Page!

Taste Testing is Beginning

We are starting our official taste testing this month!  Make sure to follow us on social media to find out which varieties passed the taste test and are now on our menu!  This month we are trying chocolate covered cherries!

If you would like to be an Official Taste Tester, click on the link below (to the right).  We have an entire page of this website set up just for Taste Testing.

Other items on the list are chocolate covered:


Candied Apricots

Poached Pears

Cookie Dough Stuffed Strawberries


Also, fruit not covered in chocolate:

Candied Lemons

Candied Limes

Candied Grapefruit

Candied Blood Oranges

Tanghulu (Glass Candy) Grapes and Strawberries

And so many other fruits and combinations...

Stay tuned...

New Variety!

We concluded our second taste testing and the results are in.  We will now be offering FRESH chocolate covered apples slices!  Apple slices are available in milk, dark, and white chocolates.  Toppings are available to add to the apples slices including ribbons of decadent homemade caramel and candied walnuts.  Each box includes 16 apples slices.  Check it out now!

Click here to view the chocolate covered apple slices!

We serve everyone

We want to make sure that Gourmet Berries is a safe place for everyone.  No matter your race, gender, sexuality, or anything else that makes us human, we do not discriminate.  All are welcome.  The only thing not welcome is hate.

We love ALL

We support ALL

We serve ALL


Watch our time lapse video to see how we make our Roses!

Anyone who has purchased our chocolate covered roses has seen firsthand how detailed they are.  Most do not understand the time and effort that goes into making these beauties.  We made a time lapse video to show you how they are created.  We have realized after making many orders of our strawberry roses, we are not charging enough to cover the time it takes to make them.  Starting May 18th, we have had to raise the prices for this variety and a few others.  We appreciate you understanding that we must cover our employees' time when pricing our roses!

Fun Facts:

  • It takes 4 hours from start to finish to make 6 strawberry roses
  • It takes 120 petals to make one dozen strawberry roses
  • We make our modeling chocolate from scratch
  • We hand make each individual petal
  • We use the same chocolate we dip our strawberries to create the modeling chocolate
  • Rose strawberries are our most time & labor intensive variety


Gift Card Options
Physical Gift Card Option

Would you rather have a physical gift card to be sent to your special someone?  We now offer physical gift cards!  Gift cards can be sent to either yourself or the intended recipient.  Gift cards will be mailed to the address your provide at checkout within 48 hours of purchase.

New Varieties

We have released new varieties!

  • Fresh Chocolate Covered Cherries!
  • Dapper Berries- Strawberries decorated with ties or bow ties!
  • Brides- Strawberries decorated to look like brides.
  • Father's Day- Strawberries decorated with the word Dad, colored stripes, and optional hearts.
  • Bougie Berries - Strawberries dipped and striped in milk, dark, white, or semi sweet vegan chocolate and decorated with either 24 karat gold or silver leaf.
  • Mixed Fruit Variety - This box includes a mix of: dark chocolate orange slices, milk, dark, or white chocolate pineapple slices, milk, dark, or white chocolate strawberries, milk, and dark or white chocolate blueberry hazelnut clusters. Also available in vegan semi sweet vegan chocolate!
  • Premium Mixed Fruit Variety - This box includes a mix of: varieties of pineapple, orange, strawberry, and blueberry!  This box has many strawberry options and mixed chocolate options, including vegan chocolate.  Also available in vegan semi sweet vegan chocolate!
  • Chocolate Covered Candied Oranges - Freshly candied oranges dipped in dark chocolate with a dash of flaked sea salt.  Also available in vegan semi sweet vegan chocolate!


want to order the new varieties?
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Who doesn't love winning, especially when the prize is a box of chocolate covered strawberries? We will be giving away a FREE variety of chocolate covered strawberries once a month. Follow us on social media (Facebook or Instagram) to know when the contests will begin. The rules are simple.

When you see the contest has begun, simply:

  1. follow us
  2. like the post
  3. comment "winner" and tag 3 friends

That is all you have to do to be entered into the contest. We will randomly draw a name from the people who have completed the instructions. To make it even more fun, one of the three people you tagged will also win if you were chosen!

*contest winner must live within our service areas.  To see our service area, please visit our website, www.gourmetberries.co for more information.

Personalized Cards

We have added FREE personalized greeting cards for ALL orders!

You will be able to add text to your personalized card when you click on any variety of strawberries.  You are not required to include a personalized greeting card, but it is available if you want!


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dayton daily news

Dayton Daily News Article

Check out an article the Dayton Daily News wrote about Gourmet Berries!

Gourmet Berries

This company was created to give the Dayton area local, handmade, personalized, chocolate covered fruit!  We offer over 50 varieties and endless ways to personalize your gift.

We offer strawberries for all occasions!

  • Birthdays
  • Baby Showers
  • Gender Reveal Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Weddings
  • Retirement
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • New Year's
  • Corporate Events
  • And SO much more!

Contact Us


Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10am-5pm Closed Saturday-Monday
  • Need a question answered quickly? Text us!  (937) 423-6095
  • Have a question but can wait 24 hours for an answer?
  • Email us: gourmetberries@outlook.com
  • Call us:  (937) 423-6095 & Leave a voicemail if we can't answer!
  • Message us on Facebook or Instagram
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